среда, 6 апреля 2016 г.

Well, it's time to say good-bye))) Thanks for your diligence and creativity!
I'd very much like to hear your opinions about the project - if you don't mind, send me a message, please.
Looking forward to the next possibility of co-working with you)))

вторник, 29 марта 2016 г.

Hello. Hope, you're doing well in your work (sure, you're happy to continue your studies after your holidays, too))). Thanks for your work during your holidays (As William Shakespeare once said, "pleasure and action make the hours seem short"))).
Dubskoe school, where are you???? I'm waiting for the links.
Would you like to see the playcasts of the teams? (here are 3 playcasts received):
"Connoiseurs of Shakespeare": http://talken.ru/william-shakespeare-playcast.html
" Shakespeare's friends":
"R&J": http://www.playcast.ru/view/9705946/99d0c41a3fee0c649d6435ade721f408c64c0b06pl

пятница, 18 марта 2016 г.

It's me again. The next 3 tasks for you:
1. You have to make a playcast (any of special Internet services can be used - just mention, which of them you choose) and place it in the Internet (a personal site, a blog, a page Vkontakte) - similarly to the task about your videos. Then send me a link, please (remember: placing the playcast in some cloud is not quite a right solution).
2. You have to make a collage (any of special application programmes can be used - just mention, which of them you choose) and - then - as you may guess))) - place it in the Internet and send me a link.
3. And the last task - one more collage. This one is to show the process of your work at our project. Of course, it must be placed in the Internet, and - don't forget to send me a link.
                       You may do these tasks in any order you like. For all of them you have 2 weeks - up to April, 1 (during your holidays you can do some draft work - by the way, my congratulations for the beginning of the holidays))), and when you come to school again - complete it). If on April, 1 you are not quite ready, don't worry - just write me- I surely can wait for a couple of days.
                       Looking forward to hearing from you!)))

And here are your cinquains - different and creative)):

          "Connoisseurs of Shakespeare":
1. Playwright
2. Talented, outstanding
3. Create, act, inspire
4. Creator of magnificent tragedies and comedies
5. Theatre

         "Shakespeare's friends":
His plays
Exciting, majestic
make you laugh, cry, admire
The literary legacy of the genius

Cinquain 1. "W.Shakespeare"
A playwriter
Impressive, great
Wrote, performed, created
Gave a lot to the world

Cinquain 2. "The world's a stage..."
Mysterious, expressive
Act, feel, think
Can be different

Cinquain 3. "William and we"
Various, great
Lived, created, fascinated
He makes us think
The world

      "Сон в летнюю ночь":
puppet, dramatic
sad, fun, play
Shakespeare: "All the world's a stage..."

четверг, 17 марта 2016 г.

Hello. Some news for you: I've posted a table on the portal (imzper.ucoz.ru) where you can see the results of the tasks and monitor, if I have received your letters or not (unfortunately, sometimes we have problems with mail((( I'm going to update this table daily.
At the moment 4 videos are received. You can watch them, too:
"Connoisseurs of Shakespeare": http://talken.ru/connoisseurs-of-shakespeare.html